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When you watch The Beauty Channel, you step into a captivating journey into the world of all things beauty. It’s an immersive experience that transports you behind the scenes of every shot, every brush stroke, and every word spoken. You have the freedom to explore and engage, allowing you to see and feel every aspect of beauty in a whole new light. The Beauty Channel opens doors to boundless creative possibilities. It opens the door to exploring beauty in all its DIMENSIONS.


Exclusive Content created by industry-leading producers and produced in-house. Curated Content, Branded Content, and Licensed Content encompassing a wide range of media, including movies, documentaries, TV shows, and more, all centered around themes of beauty.”


The Beauty Channel enhances the transformative power of imagination and anticipation. It ignites the senses and kindles curiosity, inviting you to step into a world of beauty that transcends the screen. your power to redefine beauty is unlimited. Our channel offers an exclusive, fully immersive experience that places you at the heart of every beauty moment. With us, you’re not just a viewer; you’re a participant, an explorer, a creator. The Beauty Channel empowers you to shape the beauty narrative, offering boundless opportunities for you to engage, discover, and express your unique perspective. Here you have the power to explore the depths of what beauty is. BEAUTY REIMAGINED.


It’s the vibrant colors of a sunset painting the sky. The intricate patterns of frost on a winter morning. The colorful of a traditional dance performance. It’s the gentle sweep of a cheekbone, gracefully defining the face. The sheer elegance as a sleek black dress drapes over a delicate shoulder. It’s the rugged coastline merging seamlessly with the endless expanse of the ocean. The intricate patterns woven into the grains of a Danish table. It’s the radiant sun, casting its golden embrace upon the ringlets framing a charming townhead.”

The Beauty Channel is a specialized “lifestyle” channel, much like the Food Network, QVC, or HGTV. The Beauty channel is exclusively centered around the dynamic world of beauty and fashion, with a strong presence in directtoconsumer sales and inflight entertainment.

At The Beauty Channel, we curate top-notch content featuring exclusive interviews with renowned beauty celebrities, industry experts, and talented stylists specializing in hair, nails, salon services, anti-aging treatments, and cosmetic surgery. You can catch our channel around the clock via popular streaming platforms like iTunes, Roku, Samsung TV, and various other OTT programming outlets. Additionally, you can access our captivating programming content on our dedicated YouTube channel.